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Myanmar Youth Association USA (MYAUSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth. Over 6 branches across the U.S are ready to serve you with insightful and life-changing programs, events, Drug addiction, education, and volunteering opportunities.

What We Do

Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek to support, empower, and provide high-quality resources to our community in a safe and secure environment. Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit margin, but by the value, we provide to those we serve.

Together We Can

We seek to ensure that individuals, especially those living in at-risk communities have programs that they need to develop a strong mindset for success and happiness. 

Service we provide

Our community is full of challenges that require a strong mindset to overcome. We provide programs that elevates at-risk youth to wider horizons such as performing arts, cultural exchange with Asian communities, volunteering programs and much more

Community Connections

We partner with schools, YMCA, churches, correctional facilities, community centers, hospitals, many precincts, among many other non-profits to develop stronger mindset where it is most necessary.
We also work to help the people providing services with the people who need them. Come connect with people in new ways.

Major Activities

Summer Myanmar Camp 

Our Myanmar Camp offers invaluable personal, and spiritual growth, as well as enrichment activities. Our main purpose is to provide healing for youth and lives changing experiences. To achieve the goal, we create a safe place where the youth can open up and share about their lives struggles, and emotional distress.

By providing individual/group counseling and Mind Education, the youth could overcome their challenges, and many were able to change their lives for the better. Through Gospel classes and spiritual counseling, our youth could learn the foundation of spiritual life and the assurance of salvation. Additionally, we want the youth to experience the best time during their stay at Myanmar Camp, thus the Camp integrates fun activities and sightseeing. To empower the youth with their cultural identity and to support their creativity, we provide cultural dance lessons, ethnic dance performances, and held dance competitions. The youth can also reconnect with the taste of Myanmar by enjoying various Myanmar food and snack throughout the camp.

Korean Camp
Our Korean camp offers fun and interactive ways for students not only to learn about Korean and the Korean culture but experience it firsthand as they interact with Korean Natives! Join electives such as Korean-culture-inspired curriculums such as K-pop dance, K-drama, and much, much more!

Youth Mindfulness Camp
MYA-USA knows that every youth is the future. There are many challenges waiting for us and the people we care about the most. Many times, we don’t know what to do or how to help the ones we love, but MYA-USA has got you covered. Youth Mindfulness Camp wants to open your heart and mind to a new you, with new possibilities that start with simply opening your mouth.
Through the Academy, Leadership Speakers, dance performances, and life- changing Mind Lectures, the Youth Mindfulness Camp will equip you with everything you need to fill your Mind Education kit--tools that will help you, along with your friends and family, overcome difficulties with the right heart and a bright mind.

Mind Education
It is easy to hear about people who have achieved success but suffer from pain and misery in their hearts. Despite facing great difficulties, others enjoy hope, faith, and gratitude. The difference is in the world of the heart.
Dr. Ock Soo Park has researched this difference as a world-renowned educator and speaker. Inspired from six decades of developmental experience in over 90 countries, Dr. Park presents "Mind Education."
As a systematic study of the heart with unprecedented effectiveness and unparalleled practicality, the curriculum strives to change lives through educating people about the world of the heart, which results in the strengthening of the mind.
Mind Education covers essential concepts and solutions to the problems of the heart, such as self-control, deep thinking, connection, and exchange through presentations designed for all ages.
We specialize in the "heart-strengthening" business. We are changing the world, one heart at a time.


During the lockdown, many individuals, especially the youth, have become isolated due to the drastic decrease in interaction with other individuals. Having been deprived of the social events the youth had participated in prior to the lockdown, Covid 19 has not only jeopardized many people's physical health but has detrimentally affected their mental health as well. However, not all families are able to afford proper healthcare for therapy for their children or teenagers. Mental health issues are often pushed to bottom priority because of the financial strain families bear.

MYAUSA (“Myanmar Youth Association USA”), located at 3304 S Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, IN 46807 in Allen County, plans to combat these mental health issues by building a community center where the Organization can hold sports activities, group activities, or individual outreach to the youth through the Organization’s mind education curriculum and to provide programs to enrich the youth, the community and people with services that strengthen spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth through mentorship and guidance, cultural exchange, performing arts and volunteerism…

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